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Professional Silhouette Artist

Silhouette are traditional and simple, yet full of charm. They recapture a piece of the past, yet remain the least expensive form of portraiture.

Today silhouette artists are hard to find, as few are skilled in the art form. Order yours today from a professional portrait artist with over 30 years of experience in silhouette cutting, and enjoy your heirloom forever.

The Silhouette Artist is available for weddings, parties, corporate and non-profit functions and fundraisers. Just call Artful Heirlooms at 207) 563-2921 for details.

Special request orders for silhouettes in sizes other than 5x7, full body silhouettes, restoration or duplication of old silhouettes, or engagements for special events, quoted upon request.




The silhouettes arrived today and they are fabulous!  I am shocked by how much of the kids came out in those two profiles - you truly are a gifted artist.  I know my husband and all the grandparents will be blessed by them. Thank you for doing such a fantastic job and getting them to me so quickly!

Best wishes,

NEW!  Plastic Oval Frames at less than half the price of our wooden ones! 
Textured finish with glass and hanger.
Without mat - $15.00
With mat - $17.50

Plastic Oval Frame

Single Silhouettes
(One Person)

Double Silhouettes
(Two People)

8x10 Sizes

duetDouble Silhouette Unmatted


Two silhouettes, mounted on textured card stock, 5x7", $30
(Minimum order two silhouettes) Additional duplicates may be
ordered at $12 each.

Duplicates $20

One silhouette, mounted - $30; Matted $35
Duplicate cuts, mounted - $15; Matted $20

NEW: Choice of Ivory or Black 5x7 mats, $2.50 each. You can also order your silhouettes framed.

Boy in Ivory Mat Girl in black mat

Framing options

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cutting a silhouette

framed colored





Framed colored silhouettes 8x10.




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* Photograph subjects individually, from mid-chest up, facing right as shown in sample photo.
* Show all of head, hair and shoulders.
* Hold camera vertically
* Position subject against a plain, contrasting dark or white background such as a wall, curtain or sheet of poster board.
* Get on eye level with your subject. This may require the photographer to be seated while a child stands.
* Face should be completely relaxed with lips together NOT SMILING!
* Chin should be level
* Have subject turn head until your view is in perfect profile
* Place long hair behind shoulders so neck shows. In the cutting, very long hair will disappear over shoulders, unless up.
* Please provide the ages of children or teens.
* When in doubt, send more than one shot
* If ordering only a single silhouette with no duplicates, specify if you want the finished profile facing right or left.

Photos mailed will be returned upon request with artwork. Allow 2 weeks from receipt of photos to date of shipping.



Sample Photos
young girl

Silhouette Artists Rating: 10 out of 10 from 52 client reviews


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